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From Ahram Online, discussing Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ) with Israel: On 9 December, 2004, a report that was published on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website Ikhwan Online titled: “Muslim Brotherhood MPs: QIZ threatens Egypt’s security”, sa [read more] [get feed]

You feel it on your arms, the back of your neck, the bridge of your nose. The warm ticklish sensation of the heat, of the sun, of the warmth. It’s hot and beautiful, it fills up your soul. Up. Up. Up. Some people are like the sun. You might not know [read more] [get feed]

These two videos are made by Ali Zaraket, Yehya Jaber, and Hussein Ghourayyeb. [read more] [get feed]

This is this second part of the "A series of Unfortunate events" in Egypt. We are starting the week with another disaster. There is a fire now in G [read more] [get feed]

Since the beginning of France’s intervention in northern Mali (Operation SERVAL), users of the Ansar al-Mujahideen forum have posted continuous news updates on the situation in northern Mali. During much of 2012, forum users have seen Mali as an unqualifi [read more] [get feed]

So, after quite a long wait, Jordanian band Jadal are coming back on the 29th with a new album. Today, they released the first single, “ElMakina”. I have a long history with Jadal, starting with when I first saw them play live at Champions in [read more] [get feed]

       According to an edict from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, effective 10 December, expatriate organizations and associations are banned from the Kingdom. Right now this news is raising more questions than answers. The statement notified foreig [read more] [get feed]

بقلم: مجيد الكفائي لم يكن يحلم…. كان يسمع صوتها… كانت قريبة من منضدته… امرأة متوسطة الطول بيضاء أنيقة ترتدي ثيابا وردية اللون صوتها فيه نغم دافئ وعيونها سوداء جميلة يفيض منهما الحب والحنان. نظر إليه [read more] [get feed]

الصورة بعدسة حسام دعنة يجتمع متقاعدو السلط في ساحة العين وسط المدينة حيث يمضون ساعات طويلة من نهارهم في لعب لعبة المنقلة وتجاذب أطراف الحديث. خلال رحلة لقاءات حبر التصويرية إلى السلط مؤخراً شاركونا بعضاً من قصصهم وذكرياتهم. استمعوا إلى مقتطفات منها. [read more] [get feed]

Goodness isn’t about the advertising campaign or how expensive a skincare product is, but often, our capitalist society makes you forget that. That’s why this post is about Nivea: simple, thick, creamy Nivea, which makes amazing products that [read more] [get feed]

For the People, By the People is a collection of stories from Muslim people and about human lives collected and edited by author Sabah Hadi.  In addition to this book having a wide and varied collection of stories from men and women of the Muslim faith, i [read more] [get feed]

 تناول الجزء الأول من هذا المقال قضايا المشكلات الأسرية في بلدان الابتعاث وأسبابها، كما عرض توجيهات وزارة التعليم العالي للطلبة بعدم اللجوء إلى السلطات الأجنبية، وأن القيام بذلك قد يعرض بعثتهم للإيقاف. في هذا المقال نستكمل الحديث عن هذا الموضوع لمعرفة الإ [read more] [get feed]

بقلم تيسير الكلوب في الثامن من كانون الأول، عهد الملك عبد الله إلى رئيس الوزراء عبد الله النسور برئاسة لجنة ملكية لتعزيز منظومة النزاهة. تضاف هذه اللجنة إلى الرصيد السابق من اللجان التي تشكلت ضمن توجيهات ملكية سامية، يذكر منها، على سبيل المثال لا الحصر، ل [read more] [get feed]

China Kitchen is another Chinese restaurant recommended by my readers to try out. They had an outdoor seating area and since the weather was good thats where I ended up sitting. When I got the menu I found it slightly confusing at first because they have [read more] [get feed]

For those of you who are interested in mixed martial arts, an event called “First Blood” will be held at Mocenpick Hotel on December 15th, in which fighters from Russia, Canada, and Lebanon will be competing. Tickets can be purchased from Virg [read more] [get feed]

As a huge El Morabba3 fan, November was really good to me: two unplugged gigs and one regular show make Roba a very happy woman (with a sore throat from too much cheering). Here’s a peek into their Canvas gig that we went to on the 21st, where the a [read more] [get feed]

At the first glance, the newly announced Lebanese iTunes store is destined to fail. Think of it for a moment: Who in their right mind in Lebanon will buy a song online when the illegal market for music in Lebanon is so rampant and copyright law-enforcemen [read more] [get feed]

‘Inside the Middle East’ meets chop shop owner Hussain Salmeen, who builds and customizes bikes in Kuwait. I’ve seen their bikes in person before and their customization is pretty extreme. [Link] Thanks Andrew nam [read more] [get feed]

From my recent article on Christianity Today: Addressing the nation in a televised interview Thursday, President Mohamed Morsi welcomed the sudden completion of Egypt’s draft constitution after months of gridlock. Amid public outcry against his deci [read more] [get feed]

[YouTube] Manchester United are going to be holding their #IAMUNITED fans party in Kuwait this coming December 9th. The party will feature a live broadcast of the biggest game of the season between Manchester United and Manchester City. This is a pretty b [read more] [get feed] [read more] [get feed]

We were silent,still,sitting on thoserusty ironrods. Therest of herregretswere dying, far offin the distance. [read more] [get feed]

بقلم: ياسمين وجيه أبو نصارلحظة صمت، اغمضت عيني وفُتح الباب وشعرت بأحدٍ يقترب من سريري ، ومن بعدها لم اشعر بشيء الا بامي تيقظني صباحاً حتى اذهب للمركز. نهضت مسرعة وفزعة وانتظرت ام [read more] [get feed]

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Ihath | Jan 29 - 23:37 GMT

Abstract Pizza Art

So I have a confession to make. I don’t know the best path to explain this. Thus I will sti... [read more] [get feed]

A Sense of Belonging | Jan 29 - 15:02 GMT

Researching the Islamic State

I confess to not having kept up well with the so-called Islamic State. My focus has always been o... [read more] [get feed]

7iber | Jan 29 - 11:22 GMT

لهيب في اليونان: أغاني الاحتجاجات

مع إعلان نتائج الانتخابات اليونانية بفوز اليسار المعارض لإجراءات التقشف، سارة القضاة تختار مجموعة... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 29 - 06:26 GMT

Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Super busy weekend again but the biggest thing going on is the Kuwait Rising Music Festival which... [read more] [get feed]

7iber | Jan 28 - 15:58 GMT

عائشة: حياة جديدة بعد سبعة أشهر من التوقيف الإداري التحفظي

بعد تهديد إخوتها لها بالقتل على خلفية «الشرف»، أمضت عائشة سبع أشهر في التوقيف الإداري، لتروي قصته... [read more] [get feed]

Qifa Nabki | Jan 28 - 12:43 GMT

Hizbullah Retaliates for Quneitra Attack

This is an open thread for comments, press reactions, and analyses to Hizbullah’s attack on... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 28 - 08:10 GMT

Five Guys Coming to the Region

Five Guys are opening in Dubai Mall soon which means they’ll most likely be opening up in K... [read more] [get feed]

+961 | Jan 28 - 07:45 GMT

Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – January 28th 2015

As usual, Lebtivity has plenty of things to do and events happening around the country, and here ... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 28 - 07:34 GMT

Kuwait Law: Domestic Workers Rights

There’s an estimated 600,000 domestic workers in Kuwait and it’s no secret locally an... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 27 - 17:32 GMT

5 Dead, 50+ Injured in Bus Crash

Five people were killed and more than 50 others injured in a horrific crash in Kuwait yesterday, ... [read more] [get feed]

7iber | Jan 27 - 15:21 GMT

عامان على الانتخابات النيابية: ما القوانين التي مرّت بمجلس النواب الـ17؟

تقرير ومعلومات تفاعلية تستعرض 114 قانونًا مروا بمجلس النواب في السنتين من عمره منذ انتخابه في 201... [read more] [get feed]

+961 | Jan 27 - 13:00 GMT

Zaatar Zein is back!

Back in 2011, Zein El Atat took a blow when his products were banned in Lebanon and several Gulf ... [read more] [get feed]

+961 | Jan 27 - 13:00 GMT

Zaatar Zein is back!

Back in 2011, Zein El Atat took a blow when his products were banned in Lebanon and several Gulf ... [read more] [get feed]

Egyptian Chronicles | Jan 27 - 12:39 GMT

#Jan25 : Four years later !!

Honestly and truly I can not say or write anything more than what was written and said about 25 J... [read more] [get feed]

A Sense of Belonging | Jan 27 - 10:27 GMT

The Sharia of ISIS and Azhar

Does the so-called Islamic State represent the essence of Islam, or its perversion? The answer su... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 27 - 09:13 GMT

Internet Prices at InfoConnect 2015

I passed by InfoConnect earlier today to check out the internet prices and I’m not sure why... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 27 - 06:16 GMT

Orchidaceae Flower Shop

Last week while heading to Masaha 13 I drove by a place that looked interesting. I didn’t k... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 27 - 06:16 GMT

Orchidaceae Flower Shop

Last week while heading to Masaha 13 I drove by a place that looked interesting. I didn’t k... [read more] [get feed]

7iber | Jan 26 - 12:44 GMT

بالصور: خوخة، حارة للنساء فقط في عشوائيات مصر

صور ونص صبري خالد في منطقة «بطن البقرة»، الواقعة وسط عشوائيات «مصر القديمة»، يتجاهل المارة الاسم ... [read more] [get feed]

A Sense of Belonging | Jan 26 - 12:35 GMT

Orthodox Priest: Better to Abandon Christianity

If this quote is accurate, it is a terrible indication of the divide between the Coptic Orthodox ... [read more] [get feed]

A Sense of Belonging | Jan 26 - 12:35 GMT

Orthodox Priest: Better to Abandon Christianity

If this quote is accurate, it is a terrible indication of the divide between the Coptic Orthodox ... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 26 - 07:39 GMT

Giveaway: Win Two Tickets to the Kuwait Rising Music Festival

Kuwait Rising is an alternative Arab music festival which is going to be held in Kuwait this comi... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 26 - 05:38 GMT

Caliburger Officially Opening on Wednesday

Caliburger is a burger joint from South California and they’re officially opening up this W... [read more] [get feed]

2:48 AM [The B-Sides] | Jan 26 - 05:23 GMT

Why Burgan Bank Sucks While Traveling

My primary bank is NBK but due to various issues, mainly this one time when their ATM network was... [read more] [get feed]

7iber | Jan 25 - 15:53 GMT

حوارات في الإعلام والأدب، فيلم صامت، معرض للكتاب، والمزيد

أبرز الفعاليات الثقافية والفنية في عمّان هذا الأسبوع، بين 25 و31 كانون الثاني 2015. [read more] [get feed]

7iber | Jan 25 - 15:25 GMT

عن «التأثير السلبي» المفترض للجوء السوري على المشهد الثقافي الأردني

سارة القضاة تفند تصريحات لوزيرة الثقافة حول «التأثير السلبي للجوء السوري على المشهد الثقافي الأردني» [read more] [get feed]

7iber | Jan 25 - 10:26 GMT

سبع نساء مقهورات: شهادات على التوقيف الإداري بحجة الحماية من جرائم «الشرف»

دعاء علي في سجن الجويدة، تقضي عشرات النساء أيامهن في المهاجع بعد توقيفهن إداريًا بحجة حمايتهن من ... [read more] [get feed]

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Watwet in 7iber workshop at Zenid
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